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Your professional offer.

"Discover our range specially designed for professionals!

As a business partner, we understand that your needs can vary. That's why we offer separate options, such as the possibility of bulk purchasing.

Whether it's larger quantities for clients or business use, we have the right solution.

The only requirement is a valid VAT number.

This enables us to provide high-quality products and ensure smooth transactions.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can support you and to place professional orders.

Together, we aim for success!"

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"Woppaaaa Gift Package"

Gift packages


Woppaaaaa chips

Woppaaaa Chips


Woppaaaa 5 compartment gift box

Woppaaaa chocolates


"Duo Gift Package from Woppaaaa"

Duo Woppaaaaa Pack


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Sales manager Kristof van Woppaaaa

Kristof Dekeyser

Sales manager

For all your questions or comments, you can contact me directly.

This can be done through or +32 486 61 48 21.

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